Oily hair: how it occurs and 5 tips to prevent it

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Do you also suffer from greasy hair? Have you noticed that your scalp becomes greasy and your hair looks unkempt after just one day? Say no more, you are certainly not the only one who quickly has to deal with greasy hair. Fortunately, prevention can be done by experimenting with different tips. Discover them below!

How does oily hair develop?

To understand how to prevent oily hair, it's important to first understand how and why you deal with it so often. The main cause of oily hair is usually an oily scalp .

Our scalp naturally produces a natural oil called sebum to protect and moisturize the hair. Thank you mother nature ! Sebum plays an essential role in maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

You can guess it: sometimes our scalp produces too much sebum. This results in an oily scalp and ultimately greasy hair a few days after washing.

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Why do I quickly have an oily scalp?

You wash your hair too often

An oily scalp is the result of several things. One of the main causes is washing your hair too often. By washing the hair too often , you not only remove dirt and excess sebum, but you also stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to compensate for the deficiency. This leads to a vicious circle where your hair becomes greasy faster and faster.

Preventing greasy hair starts with washing your hair less often. Need inspiration for when you want to wait an extra day before washing your greasy hair? 👇🏽

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You use a shampoo with SLS

This effect is also enhanced if you use shampoos that contain aggressive cleansers, such as SLS . SLS is a powerful cleanser often used in shampoos to make them foam.

However, this cleanser strips away all the natural oils on the scalp , causing the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum in response to this drying feeling. This results in an oily scalp and greasy hair.

Want to know more about SLS and other sulphates? Read our blog here .

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Other reasons for oily hair

In addition, genetic predisposition , hormonal changes , stress and an unhealthy diet can also contribute to the oiliness of your hair. It's important to remember that everyone is different: what works for someone may not work for you. You can experiment a bit to find the right solution for your hair with the tips below.

Preventing greasy hair: 5 useful tips

Enough theory, time to experiment! With these 5 tips you will “train” your hair to become greasy less quickly and make your scalp healthier.

1. Wash your hair less often

As tempting as it is, try not to wash your hair every day! Wash it at least every other day or every two days. This way you give the sebaceous glands time to restore and regulate the natural oils. After a while you will be able to leave a few more days between washes.

2. Use a mild shampoo without SLS

Choose a mild shampoo that has been specially developed for oily hair. These shampoos thoroughly cleanse the hair without over-stimulating the scalp to produce more sebum. Be sure to avoid shampoos that contain aggressive sulphates!

Preventing greasy hair has never been easier: our Ocean Breeze shampoo bar has been specially developed to cleanse the scalp without drying out the hair. Try it out !


Prefer something liquid? Then try the You're so Peachy shampoo from our WONDR Liquids range. Your hair will feel light, fresh and soft!


3. Wash your hair with lukewarm water

Do you also regularly enjoy a nice hot shower ? Your hair and scalp are less fans of this... Hot water can stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase sebum production . Therefore, wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water .

4. Exfoliate your scalp regularly

Exfoliating the scalp is an effective way to prevent greasy hair. By regularly removing dead skin cells and product residues from your scalp , the risk of an oily scalp is greatly reduced.

A useful tool for this is a scalp brush, also called a scalp massager . These silicone brushes, specially designed for the scalp, have soft, flexible bristles that you can gently massage over the scalp.

Knowing more? Read our blog about the scalp brush here !

The massage stimulates blood circulation, removes accumulated sebum and promotes healthy sebum production! A scalp massager in combination with a mild shampoo can work wonders against oily hair.

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5. Touch your hair as little as possible

Touching your hair during the day can transfer the natural oils from your hands to your hair, causing your hair to become greasy more quickly. Try not to touch your hair too much and avoid brushing or combing your hair too often .

But combing your hair is good, right!? Indeed, but when you brush your hair too often and too intensively, you stimulate the sebaceous glands on your scalp, causing them to produce more sebum. This results in an oilier scalp and ultimately greasy hair. Therefore, try to comb your hair a maximum of a few times a day and use a brush with natural bristles that gently glide over the scalp.

Bye bye oily hair!

Oily hair can be an annoying problem , but with proper care and attention you can keep it under control. Washing your hair less often and using mild products can go a long way.

Experiment with different tips and discover what works best for your hair type. With patience and consistency, you can enjoy healthier, shinier hair!