8 tips to prevent ingrown hairs
The small but very annoying ingrown hairs can appear everywhere: from legs to bikini line, armpits and even on the face. An ingrown hair usually occurs when a hair grows inwards or sideways after a shave. But how do you prevent these painful and itchy hairs? Below you will find eight tips to help you say goodbye to ingrown hairs forever!

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1. Let the hairs grow sufficiently before shaving them

Shaving too often causes the hairs to become sharper, making it easier for them to grow back into the skin. This causes ingrown hairs. Your skin can also become irritated if you shave hairs that are too short, so it's important not to shave too often.

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2. Scrub before shaving

Exfoliating also helps to smooth your skin before shaving. By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells that clog the pores and block the hair follicles. You want to avoid clogged hair follicles because they cause ingrown hairs!

For best results, massage each area in circular motions with a scrub bar for about 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly so that the scrub particles don't clog your blade.

3. Use a sharp and clean blade

Cleaning and replacing your razor blades regularly will help you maintain a smooth, clean shave and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. A safety razor is a good choice: you get a smooth result without razor bumps. With a safety razor you will never have plastic waste again.

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4. Shave on wet and warm skin

It is best to shave in the shower, because warm water softens your skin. Shaving on soft skin is safer because your blade cannot get stuck. This means that the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs is much smaller.

5. Use a shaving bar

It is important to use a protective layer to make your skin extra soft. A shaving bar is soap-free and pH skin neutral, so your skin is nourished and hydrated while shaving. The handy shape also makes it extra easy to apply.

6. Shave in the direction of hair growth

Although shaving against the direction of hair growth can result in a closer shave, the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs is much greater. In that case, the hairs are cut at an angle so that they can grow back into the skin. So follow the direction of hair growth as much as possible.

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7. Don't shave too often

When shaving, don't just follow the direction of hair growth, but also take it easy by limiting the number of shaves per area. Additionally, be careful when shaving - pressing too hard or shaving too fast will, again, cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

8. Moisturize your skin after shaving

Aftercare is super important, because dry skin and irritation often occur after shaving. Make sure your skin stays hydrated and nourished. You can use a moisturizing body butter for this.


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