How to use a Safety Razor?

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With a Safety Razor, you have a life partner, and you can take that statement literally. Only the blades need to be replaced, the handle and head can be enjoyed for life. It is worth discovering a Safety Razor...

Sustainability mode: ON!

In small steps, we are fighting together against the large and overwhelming throw-away society. In search of sustainable alternatives to single-use products, we are trying to be more conscious about what we use in our daily lives. With small and big changes, we adjust our lifestyle... An example of such a small change but one that has a big impact = our beloved Safety Razor. There is no plastic involved.

OK, but why "Safety" Razor?

A lot of people get red bumps, also known as "shaving bumps", from depilation. They occur when blades are blunt, dirty or just not well made. Our razor has a single blade with a special interlocking piece for safety! This Safety Razor ensures that there are far fewer bumps, so you don't have to worry about inflammation or itching.

Amazing results

You may have to change your usual "shaving technique" with this razor, but it's a small effort for a big result. Proper use is essential! Here are a few instructions:

1. Start with the safety razor perpendicular to your skin. The handle of your Safety Razor is horizontal.

2. Then place the razor at an angle of 30°.

3. Glide slowly with short movements to remove hairs.

Don't forget to...

Do not increase the angle beyond 30° as this will increase the risk of irritation. When the handle is almost vertical, the angle is already too large.

Do not exert pressure on the skin with your Safety Razor, the blade will do the work. If you do, you will increase the chance of cutting yourself.

According to our partners, the blade should be replaced every 6 shaves. However, many users say that it is still sharp and can be used optimally. So you have a guideline but you can still make your own judgement.

How do I replace the Safety Razor blade?

By turning the handle, you can loosen the attachment and the safety guard. This way you can remove the blade and replace it easily. Then you put the safety guard back on top of the blade and the attachment and tighten everything with the handle. Easy peasy!

Extra soft with the right care

Maybe you still use shaving foam or maybe you already switched to a shaving soap? In any case, we can tell you that our soap-free Shaving Bar is perfectly compatible with the Safety Razor. The handy shape and caring ingredients make it easy and safe to shave anywhere.


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