Together against Hygiene Poverty: The WONDR of Gifting makes a difference

Hygiene poverty is a dire reality for many in Belgium. In 2022, 2,144,000 people faced poverty, with a significant number unable to afford daily hygiene products. That's why we're launching a campaign!


Geschreven door: Silke Gieshelmann

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WONDR care, a pioneer in sustainable care products, has committed itself to tackling hygiene poverty with the campaign "The WONDR of Gifting". This campaign aims to raise awareness about this issue while taking concrete actions to support those in need.

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Last year this campaign resulted in a great performance: 15,000 euros worth of shampoo bars could be donated to various poverty organizations. This year, WONDR care is once again committed to this noble cause. The WONDR of Gifting is divided into two initiatives. An all-in-one bar is automatically provided with the purchase of each WONDR gift box. In addition, the purchase of 3 WONDR Christmas baubles leads to a donation of a hygiene kit.

Hygiene kit with washing strips and bars

These donations are made possible by close collaboration between WONDR care and various poverty organizations in Flanders and Brussels. The goal is to provide hygiene products to people who cannot afford these essential items.

WONDR or Gifting x Scratch Hygiene poverty has profound consequences, especially for low-income families, the homeless and vulnerable individuals. The lack of daily hygiene products hinders equal opportunities, such as children missing school and adults being limited in work options.

The WONDR of Gifting is not just a campaign; it is a commitment to change, an attempt to improve the lives of those in need by giving them access to essential hygiene products.

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