WONDR Care plants the flag in Ghent with the opening of the first Flagship Store

Geschreven door: Planet B

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Take a WONDR Moment

After two sensational years filled with pop-up stores and a growing community of loyal customers, we are excited to announce the opening of our first flagship store! The store in the center of Ghent will be much more than a store; it will be a wonderful experience. We invite you to be part of this milestone in our journey.

WONDR Flagship Store: more than a store

Why a flagship store, you may ask? For us, the answer is simple: we want to create a wonderful experience. We chose our home base of Ghent to plant the WONDR flag and create a unique, immersive space where our customers can feel the essence of our brand in every corner.

Introducing WONDR Moments: a unique concept

Prepare for something extraordinary: WONDR Moments. This brand new concept is designed to transform your visit to our flagship store into an experience full of meaningful interactions. WONDR Moments will feature a series of themed, interactive zones where customers will have the opportunity to experience our products in a whole new way.

Good news: goodie bags!

To celebrate this festive occasion, we are offering a special treat to those attending the opening: a goodie bag worth over €30, filled with some of our most loved products and surprises.

Our mission and vision

WONDR care is all about empowerment and well-being. Whether you have dry facial skin or are looking for natural hair care solutions, our goal is to provide a range of products and information that empowers you to become the healthiest version of yourself.

You are invited!

We open our doors on Saturday, October 28, and it would be an honor to welcome you there. This is your chance to experience the magic of WONDR and be part of a community that believes in the power of well-being and the joy of a wonderful experience.

Come along on this wonderful journey. Plant the WONDR flag with us.

Hello healthy hair, hello WONDR!