Green Week and Green Friday at WONDR

On Friday, November 24, the American tradition of Black Friday takes place. Once again this year, WONDR care will not participate. Just like last year, an error message will appear on our webpage as the impact of online shopping on postal workers and society is too significant. Instead, we are focusing on Green Week and Green Friday.


Geschreven door: Silke Gieshelmann

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Black Friday has become enormously popular in Belgium. As a start-up, it's daring not to participate. Two years ago, we launched 'Green Friday', planting 365 trees in collaboration with recognized organizations. Last year, we removed plastic from rivers with River Cleanup, and this year, too, we aim to do volunteer work with the organizations we collaborate with.

Green Week

With WONDR care, we aim to be a brand dedicated to humans, animals, and the planet. We want to convey a clear message: reducing pressure on postal workers. That's why we introduced Green Week and Green Friday to encourage people to buy sustainable products and have a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainability encompasses not only the environment but also our consumption behavior, which subsequently affects postal workers socially. It's astonishing how much stress people experience on this day. That's why this year, we continue the concept of Green Week. To give you a fulfilling Green Friday feeling, we offer discounts of up to 25% on the website from November 17 to 27! Remember that on Green Friday itself, we'll temporarily close our webshop.

Shopping Locations

If you still want to shop on Green Friday, visit our flagship store in Ghent, our pop-up in Sint-Niklaas, or one of our physical retail partners (pharmacies, beauty salons, hairdressers, and/or organic stores).

Our year-end campaign 'The WONDR of Gifting' also revolves around sustainability. This year's theme is hygiene poverty. For this, we've developed a new all-in-one bar and assembled a hygiene kit. For every gift box sold, we'll donate one all-in-one bar to the poverty organizations we collaborate with. For every set of 3 Christmas baubles sold, one hygiene kit worth €47 will be donated.

Bos +

Green Week wouldn't be complete without taking action ourselves. Together with bos +, we at WONDR care will plant trees because every little bit helps! Will you join in too?

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