WONDR Moments, the ideal end-of-year gift

Still looking for the perfect end-of-year gift? Search no further! Our WONDR Moments are more than a beautifully packaged surprise. It is a gift that we have carefully put together for you or your loved ones. This way you can enjoy all WONDR products, but also the experience we have associated with them. Discover here why a WONDR Moment takes gift giving to a higher level.


Geschreven door: Silke Gieshelmann

Lady using Wondr product
Palm tree shadow

Custom made playlist by Lavito

The most memorable moments are the ones where music plays in the background. That's why Belgian artist Lavito has put together an exclusive Spotify playlist that perfectly matches the theme of your WONDR Moment.

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Moment

Inside every WONDR Moment you will not only find our products, but also inspiration. Our tips & tricks, specially compiled for each theme of the box, guide you through a journey of discovery. Whether it concerns creating the ideal relaxation or taking your sports routine to the next level, the tips & tricks will help you to fully enjoy your Moment.

A plantable postcard for lasting memories

Of course, it wouldn't be a real WONDR gift box if we didn't do something extra sustainable. We developed a plantable postcard to cherish your memory of the Moment. Plant the card and discover how it develops into a beautiful memory in the form of growing flowers.

Whether it's a birthday, a milestone or just want to please someone, a WONDR Moment helps create meaningful memories. Discover the magic of WONDR Moments and give not just a gift, but an experience that will last a lifetime.