Tested and approved: WONDR care in Dok Noord Pharmacy

Geschreven door: Lisa Janssens

Lady using Wondr product
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The trend of natural hair and skin care has been strong in recent years. Pharmacies and beauty salons are also experiencing this: consumers are increasingly concerned with what they apply.

Due to this change in mindset, pharmacists and other business managers are looking for products to satisfy the customer of tomorrow. With a local, social and natural care brand such as WONDR you can quickly tick off all the dots.

Healthy skin & natural formulas

As a pharmacy, you are very conscious of the composition of the products you sell. You want to offer your customers the best care for healthy skin. In addition, more and more people are aware of the harmful ingredients in care products ,” says Eva F. from Dok Noord pharmacy.

Products that are 'clean' and that do not contain harmful ingredients are a must for a conscious pharmacy. That is why WONDR care fits perfectly into this picture: natural formulas without sulphates, silicones or parabens that are recommended even for the most sensitive skin.

Clean from head to toe

Natural shower and care products are highly recommended for customers who are conscious about what they put on their body. The WONDR bars, sticks and liquids hydrate and protect your hair and skin. The products are fortified with ingredients such as almond oil, argan oil and aloe vera.

In addition to the fact that the products do not contain harmful substances, they are available in numerous pleasant scents. At Dok Noord pharmacy, customers are not only big fans of the WONDR scents, but they also like the shape of the WONDR products.

The WONDR bars have a unique shape that makes them fit perfectly in your hand. The massage bumps on the bars give your skin and head a well-deserved moment of relaxation. The sticks are also cleverly packaged: a light cardboard tube that is easy to carry.

And the planet?

The impact that a brand or product has on the planet is also becoming more important to consumers. People are becoming increasingly conscious of packaging and want to produce as little waste as possible. As a pharmacy, we therefore try to pay more attention to which values ​​and standards we want to reflect with our range ," say the employees of Dok Noord pharmacy.

Pharmacy Dok Noord notices that zero-waste products are becoming increasingly popular. The WONDR range is therefore ideal for your body and the planet!