Quickly visit the WONDR beautiful pop-ups!
Four WONDR beautiful pop-up stores?
It The idea arose in early 2022. We wanted and would set up four WONDR beautiful pop-ups during the festive period. Nice nice nice.

Geschreven door: Lisa Janssens

Lady using Wondr product
Palm tree shadow

WONDR pop-ups in 4 cities

Healthy cosmetics, love for our planet, animals and other people? That wrapped in a nice store concept? Yes!

You can read about it briefly below:

  1. Ghent Nederkouter 11
  2. Waasland Shopping
  3. Maastrichterstraat 34, Hasselt
  4. K in Kortrijk Shopping

Our pop-up in Ghent

This is still open until January 8.
Mmm, nothing is as summery as the cheerful smell of fresh melon! You can smell that shampoo bar and many others there.

The WONDR pop-up in Waasland Shopping

You'll have to be very quick for this one, because January 2nd is our last day! By the way, have you seen our new face sticks in gift boxes there?

The WONDR pop-up in Hasselt

Walk, walk, walk! This store is closing very soon. We'll say goodbye on December 31st!

Kortrijk - K in Kortrijk

As you could read in the local newspaper and many other newspapers: this wonderful store is still open until the end of January. Are we taking part in sales?

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