Where are the WONDR bars made?

WONDR bars are made with love in Brussels.

Are the WONDR products vegan?

Yes, in addition to being cruelty-free, all WONDR products are also vegan. We never doubted that!

What ingredients are not found in the WONDR bars?

All WONDR products are free from: Palm oil Sulfates Preservatives (Yet WONDR bars can be stored for up to 24 months because they do not contain water!) Silicone Plastic

What products are coming soon?

We developed our first bars to cleanse and nourish. The next products we will launch will be a skin care line, a conditioner bar and the WODR liquids line. WONDR liquids are products that come as powders and that you can transform into liquid shampoo and shower gel.

Is it true that WONDR bars are actually from another planet?

That is absolutely right! WONDR bars actually come from Planet B. That is also the name of our start-up. We believe in sustainable alternatives to eliminate single-use products without compromising on luxury. Or even create a better experience.

Are WONDR bars suitable for coloured hair?

The biggest culprits for coloured hair in shampoos and conditioners are sulphates, parabens and silicones. These ingredients do not nourish or properly care for your coloured hair. Fortunately, our shampoo bars contain none of these harmful ingredients. All our bars are made only with natural ingredients, nourishing your hair with every wash.

How fast do you deliver?

For deliveries in Belgium, we try to ship the same day. Therefore, our delivery time is on average 1 to 2 days. It can happen that the shipment is delayed, which makes the delivery time a little longer. But it is definitely worth the wait!

What if a product is sold out?

In that case, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter! We will keep you informed when the product is back in stock.

Is delivery free?

For all orders over €25, shipping is entirely at our expense. For orders below that amount, we only charge the shipping costs. Those are €5,70.

Help my product is damaged, what should I do?

Apparently, 1% of all shipments break during delivery. So it can happen that you have bad luck. If you can prove that your product arrived broken, we will gladly send you a new one. Send an email to hello@wondr.care !

What if I am not satisfied with the products?

We are very sorry about that. We have put a lot of effort into developing our products. But, of course, it can always happen that you don't like a certain product. Please send an e-mail to hello@wondr.care. We will then see what we can do about it.