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Flower Up Gift Box
Flower Up Gift Box Flower Up Gift Box Flower Up Gift Box Flower Up Gift Box Flower Up Gift Box Flower Up Gift Box
Flower Up Gift Box
You deserve
So many

The Flower Up Gift Box will leave your favourite people feeling fresh as a daisy. As a birthday gift, a thank you, a pat on the back, or just because … The fresh fragrances of lavender and patchouli combined with the sweet scent of apricot guarantee a magical zzzen moment.

Natural ingredients
Soft foam

With lots of love, we’ve selected this beautiful combination of WONDR bars.

In the Flower Up gift box, you will find 4 different WONDR bars:

Shampoo bar 'Purple Healing'

Sensitive shampoo bar 'Flower Power'

Sensitive shower bar 'Temple Of Relax'

Sensitive shower bar 'Summer Dreams'

Discover the WONDRful ingredients in this gift box:

Aloe vera: a delicious thirst quencher for your skin

Argan oil: the secret ingredient for a healthy glow

Castor oil: a true wonder potion for your hair

Jojoba oil: protects skin and hair against dehydration

Shea butter: a creamy treat for dry skin

This makes your WONDR gift box 100% WONDR-ful:



Delicious scent

100% plastic-free



Hypoallergenic perfume

Sulphate-free (SLS/SCS)

Palm oil-free

Free of parabens

Free of silicones

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