WONDR Liquids: the future of liquid shampoo & body wash

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Tried shampoo bars, but they're not for you? We got you! Discover WONDR Liquids now, the natural and healthy shampoo & body wash that perfectly suits the needs of your hair & skin.

With three wonderful scents and a revolutionary concept , WONDR Liquids offers you the convenience of liquid care products without the harmful ingredients and unnecessary water transport.

Simply mix these healthy shampoo & body wash refills by adding tap water. Let us take you on a journey to shiny hair, radiant skin and a clear conscience!

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Healthy shampoo & body wash

You may know that regular shampoo and body wash can be harmful to your skin and hair as well as the planet. In addition, many care products are produced and transported in unsustainable ways.

Did you know, for example, that liquid shampoo and shower gel consist of more than 80% water? With WONDR Liquids we leave that behind and opt for a more sustainable approach .

Our concentrated care products not only avoid the plastic bottle, but also significantly reduce the amount of water that needs to be transported and CO2 emissions during transport. A win-win situation for you and the planet! With WONDR Liquids you contribute to a cleaner world, while you can also enjoy healthy hair and radiant skin.

Clean skin, clean hair, clean conscience!

With WONDR Liquids you not only enjoy shiny hair, but also a clear conscience. Our healthy shampoos and body wash are free from harmful ingredients such as SLS and parabens, so you can enjoy your showers worry-free.

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WONDR Liquids: magical powders & healthy formulas

The WONDR powders are made from natural ingredients, without allergens . This way you can always fill your shampoo and body wash without worries. The strengthening ingredients such as kaolin, aloe vera and rice powder make your hair and skin shine after every shower.

The WONDR shampoos are available in 3 wonderful scents , each with a different formula.

All WONDR Liquids shampoos are formulated without SLS and parabens, so 100% healthy for you!

Refillable silicone bottle

Say goodbye to your plastic bottles and say hello to this silicone bottle! The reusable shampoo & body wash bottles are available in two beautiful colors that brighten up any bathroom.

Best of all, this bottle will last forever! You can easily clean the bottle in the dishwasher. No more plastic waste!

Also ready to switch to healthy shampoo & body wash? Discover WONDR Liquids! 👇🏼

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