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We want it all. High-quality products that are kind to people and the environment. Which look incredibly nice and smell wonderful. Which are super practical to use. The WONDER has happened!

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Zonder Lisa was het WONDR niet geschied. Haar glanzende haren zijn het bewijs: WONDR-bars werken! Ze droomt van nóg meer wonderlijke producten zodat haar hele badkamer binnenkort gezond en low-waste is. 💚


Our story

WONDRs never cease
Do things differently

Of course, we like to feel fresh and fruity. But the laundry list of harmful ingredients in care products is a lot to take in. Not to mention the ginormous mountain of plastic waste and inefficient transport (70-85% water in shampoo and shower gel).

Help from experts

With the help of experts and university scientists, we took a close look at mainstream cosmetics. After lots of research, we created a range of formulas that we felt 100% good about. Next, we started thoroughly testing these and, one year later, WONDR was born! 

Believe in WONDRs

We believed things could be different. That we could care for ourselves without worrying. As young scientists, we took on the challenge. And in all honesty: at times we had to move heaven and earth to make things work. But this earth is so worth it! So cheers to a clean planet and a clean consciousness!

WONDR, an initiative by Planet B

Planet B makes premium, sustainable alternatives for everyday products
The Village 2019 “the most pleasant afternoon”

In 2019, we built a summer village in our small municipality: “The Village”. The people in this photo have become not only friends, but also indispensable at WONDR. They prepare our packages with the greatest love and care. 

The Planet B bamboo bike

A bit later, we launched the bamboo bike. To make a statement: “Reinvent existing products with a dash of creativity”. We won a few beautiful prices and even introduced our concept with great enthusiasm in an international pitch competition in the United States (Virginia Tech University).

Bambooze straws

Thanks to the bamboo bike, we gained a lot of knowledge and connections around this sustainable raw material. Next, we implemented these in a brand-new production process. As an eco alternative for plastic straws, we created Bambooze straws! 100% made of bamboo, super practical, stylish and even dishwasher-proof!

Het nieuwe WONDR van Planet B

Kwalitatieve verzorging die lief is voor je lijf én de planeet. Wij wisten dat het kon! We staken de koppen bij elkaar en startten ons WONDR-baarlijke avontuur.

Jezelf heerlijk verzorgen zonder zorgen?