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100% good feeling, 0% guilt


Superfood for your skin!


Packed with mild, natural ingredients.


Without plastic and unnecessary nasties.


Kind to your body and the planet!

WONDR-bars are superfood for your skin. Packed with mild, natural ingredients. Without plastic and unnecessary nasties. Kind to your body and the planet!


What are WONDR bars?

Soap 2.0 or just a bit more. WONDR-bars are soap-free and pH-optimized. Soft on your skin and the environment. Formulated and produced with a clean consciousness, without unnecessary additives.
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Pure Belgian

From chocolate bars to WONDR-bars: Belgians <3 bars. Our WONDR-bars are at least as addictive, but much kinder to your body! Produced on Belgian soil and sustainably packed by socially vulnerable people.
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A healthy bathroom

Enjoy the most heavenly scents and ingredients. But why all this plastic nasties in your bathroom?

Bye bye plastic bottle

Yes, we love to feel clean, but not at the expense of a clean planet. So bye bye plastic bottle!

No water

Did you know that liquid shampoo and shower gel contain up to 80% water? Our solid bars, on the other hand, are nice and compact, so they are super efficient to transport.

Works wonders!

Soap-free bars with only pure ingredients, low-waste, vegan, cruelty-free and without nasties. That lathers well and smells divine. Our bars work WONDRs!

The Curly Girl Method: is it possible with WONDR products?

The Curly Girl (CG) Method is super popular on social media these days. Many curly girls swear by the method and claim that this hair care method works wonders for their natural curls.

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